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Von Terra Enterprises Ltd is a licensed agent in the province of Ontario representing local and imported producers of premium wines, beers and spirits. Von Terra, or “From the Earth” (Von is German for “from”, and Terra is Latin for “earth”) is committed to the discovery of premium products that take an every day occasion from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our priority is to profitably grow our partner’s brands in the Ontario marketplace via key relationships with LCBO buyers, influential on-premise accounts and aspiring wine and beer enthusiasts. Our sales team of eight covers the province’s 600+ stores with a focus on key urban markets.

Von Terra has four pillars that define our point of difference from other agents.


For every one of our partners, their stories, their products.


The only way to win in this competitive market place


Knowing who makes the decisions, listening, and bringing the right products forward.


In our tight industry, never burn bridges and treat everyone with respect.

Andrew von Teichman
Sommelier (ISG)
Von Terra Enterprises Ltd

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